If your think education is expensive,
try ignorance.

Derek Bok


Navigating The Storms


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American Crossroad of Trust


America is in peril and the atrocities, which we have endured, have been an intentional attack on the fundamental trust that holds our civilization together. 

It has been an assault on people and on the solvency of an economic structure, and it is a disruption of the stability, freedom and protection a global community of trading nations provides. But in the wake of the destruction, it was our leaders, who had been entrusted to protect and serve, and American Business, sensing the benefit of a seemingly greater enemy, who took the opportunity to reveal the dubious business practices of Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, and others, with confessions that they had been duplicitous in their duties.

And our biggest casualty in all these events was trust, the trust of our people, their trust in their personal safety and the country’s security, along with their trust in our leaders and the economy. Some would like us to believe that our real struggle is between rich and poor, or East and West or even between the primacy of a religion’s teachings. But it isn’t about rich and poor. It isn’t about East and West and it isn’t one religion versus another. It’s about stability, freedom and protection for everyone — it’s about trust.

Life Lessons - School of Hard Knocks

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Shameless Plugs