Life Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks

Author and Instructor for Real-Life University, Tom Fairbanks, shares insights he has gained through his Advanced On-Going Course in the Field of Life from Real-Life University and the School of Hard Knocks...

He humorously shares real-life experiences and life lessons that have been observed as the cleanliness of theory attempts to match the ugliness of reality. Because it is in life's classroom that lessons are truly learned and indelibly imprinted, shaping one's character.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset

This is the original presentation used to supplement the LDS Self-Employment Group Workshop. Participants are encouraged to analyze their personal and business skills and combine them with their business idea. The basic self-employment  concepts  presented help participants lay a solid foundation for their business plan.

You, Incorporated

You Incorporated provides a facilitated environment to address a deeper understanding of the collaborations and the activities necessary in every endeavor (a clear Vision surrounded by a harmonious and synergistic Order of Action). Participants are then taken on a life changing experience that focuses on their Keys to Change.  

The Power of Association

It has been said that we are influenced by the five people we spend the most time with (the opportunities available to us, the choices that we make, and even the amount of money in the bank).  Sadly, most people miss out because their choice of who they associate with is primarily driven by convenience and circumstance. 

Entrepreneurial Strategies

This presentation was created to address self-reliance principles and the entrepreneurial strategies that participants should be mastering prior to self-employment, the development  of an entrepreneurial enterprise, or the formulating of a business plan. This presentation also compliments the LDS Church's Self-Reliance Program.    

Principles of Good Business

The Principles of Good Business are a true reflection of the moral values that form the basis of a free society. Participants are introduced to the responsibilities  and common agreements we have with each other for the advancement of society and our responsibility to give back and serve each other.

In Search of the Elusive It!

Experience a turning point in your search of the "elusive it".  A journey often filled with frustration, pain, suffering and despair through life. The continuation of the journey brings about a new awareness, understanding and habits that result in the formation of alliances and associations as one comes to understand why it is elusive.


Well worth our time.

"You gave us a very valuable understanding of the fundamental principles we needed to help us put our priorities in order, I would certainly do this again."

— J.A.

The Lone Ranger is Dead!

“Your candor convinced me that the power of association is a universal principle. We are stronger, more successful, and much more able to accomplish our dreams when we trust others and join with them.”

— K.B.

I see the connections.

“Thank you for the insight. I am beginning to understand how all things relate to each others because of the principles you have explained.
This has been a truly amazing experience.”

— A.F.