Navigating the Storms

Self-Reliance Principles and Life Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks

Our nations integrity sits at the heart of our decline, and our ethical practices, whether in business, the political arena, or with each other, lie at the core of our precarious situation. Without proper conduct and mutual respect, we have little to look forward to but continued chaos and suffering - which is growing more out of control each day. Self control, discipline, and self-mastery, will be necessary if we are going to get society back on track and advancing forward, and the responsibility for this required change ultimately lies with each of us, individually and then collectively.

The author's independent study, which focused on the habits and practices that have been relied on to transact business, uncovered the primary reasons for business failure and how those discoveries apply to all facets of life, and to the core of our societal distress. The author provides, herein, time tested principles, entrepreneurial strategies, and the Principles of Good Business as a practical process for navigating the storms we currently face.

It is our belief, that The United States of American can and will be great again, if and when we decide to adopt and practice the Principles of Good Business...


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Thou Art An Eagle.

“I love this story and have shared it with my family. It is a great reminder that we often do not realize the influence that we have on one another”

— L.S.

Loved the Recap of History!

“In my brief half hour of reading, I reviewed more than our children get of true American history throughout their first twelve years of schooling”

— B.H.

Irrational Exuberance.

“What an excellent explanation of the economic events that have crippled the American economy. It is sad to realize how often history repeats itself”

— M.P.