Open Secret Collection


Open Secret Collection

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The forgotten treasures of ageless wisdom contained in this special collection, uncovered in a search of dusty archives and abandoned libraries, are offered as an example to show that “the great secret of success is an open secret.” These works are “from men who have successfully wooed the ‘fickle goddess,’ and are able and willing to give points to others who wish to do likewise.”

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This Open Secret Collection contains a wealth of insight from notable writers and thinkers throughout history.

"The great secret of success is an open secret, untiring energy, economy and strict integrity, if well followed, will always win. "The following letters are from men who have successfully wooed the "fickle goddess," and are able and willing to give points to others who wish to do likewise. They are prefaced by short biographical sketches of the authors, which are of value in themselves, as showing how life's battles have been fought and won by men who at the outset had only ordinary opportunities." Frank J. Bonnell

“I read As a Man Thinketh once a year for over 15 years when I was in my 20s and 30s.”  Paul J. Meyer, recognized as one of the leading self-improvement authors of all time.

"I have personally read As a Man Thinketh over 25 times. Timeless material." Mark Victor Hansen, co-author, the Chicken Soup Series

Norval A. Hawkins practiced as a certified public accountant and engaged by Henry Ford in 1904 to systemize his then very small business. He reorganized the company's business methods and in December of 1907, took the charge of commercial and general sales management of the Ford Motor Company, which he held for twelve years. It was Mr. Hawkins ambition to develop a school of salesmanship and to aid in the extension of salesmanship instruction in public schools and in colleges. He believed that if a man understood how to sell the best that is in him, he would be able to assure his success and become the master of his own destiny. -  Samuel Crowther  - Book of Business Part I

P.T. Barnum was given the title of one of the greatest people of the millennium by Life Magazine. Even though he may not have been a great patriot or a war hero, he was the first American to truly understand how to really market the products that he sold.

In "The Richest Man in Babylon," George S. Clason reveals the secrets for creating, growing, and preserving wealth. “I’ve recommended this book to over 4 million people over the past 40 years with the promise that can help you create financial independence, and probably less than 10 percent have gone out to buy it. Don’t let that be you! Go out and find, buy and read this book!” -  Jim Rohn

Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey has woven into his Magic Story, in a remarkably effective way, some of the fundamental principles of the “New Thought Movement” which is sweeping over this country, and it is safe to say that the application of these principles, as outlined in his work  will accomplish almost, if not quite, all that is claimed towards the upbuilding and development of a manly, self-reliant, success-compelling spirit. -  Success Magazine

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. - Just a little thought for food! "How long does getting thin take?" -  Winnie the Pooh